Sunday, January 10, 2016

Impatiently Patient.

What a moron I am. How can one be like this .. ?

But yes ... I am the comedy of the worst line up ever ... The longest, biggest, baddest line up there ever was. AND I am just that stuck, that there is NO getting out of it!

So in today's working of how things go ... The very nice, and excitable home care nurse shows up ... And packs the eencie weencie little tiny wound ... With approximately 3 inches of packing ... That is the MOST packing I have seen anyone do ... I think this thing should have been packed WEEKS ago .. And even still ... The other equally very nice home care nurses were not so aggressive in their packing .. I had a tiny little amount ... Barely an inch, if that.  What this stuff is supposed to do, is wake up the cells, and kick them into healing action, which is exactly what is going on ... However .. Like I said .. There is the tiniest of holes ... So hopefully TODAY, with the increased inches ... The hole will now make a completely make a disappearance !! Cheesus freaking crackers ... Enough already.

So in other things ... The Lego man is on hold for another week. Cause ... Why not. ... Right ?

OH GAWD ... The Minzie is HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving chaos situation case 4,530. ... Here we go. Details to come. 

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