Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The debatable BUG !

I am sitting here contemplating ... do I, don't I, do I don't I ... DO I DON'T I ?

As per usual I can not make up my mind. GAWD ... what's new with that ?

The PRINCESS doll of a whole 17 years TODAY is heading off to the great U S of A's to go shopping with her lovely aunts.

The debateable BUG: can I stand to go? Literallt that is the question at hand. Not to confuse the already confusing issue of debateable bugs.

I have no fascination with shopping, I can't find the happiness in it, or the satisfaction of shopping. Hunting and gathering on a whole new not hunger related need. How is it possible that people love to look at things, and stuff, and acquire and amass .. items. Just items. Not me. I am looking to get rid of items .. all sorts of items, in fact .. lots of items! Be gone items of excess, how is it you came to be mine anyways I ask.

That said .. I do love to collect one thing, or something .. and that's stories. I have been lacking in the stories department for a great many months .. it's like been the great drought of 2012-2014 and a bit. Where have been my stories, and my tales, and my observations, and my photographs, and evidence that the human race is a varying degree of cultured crazy. Now that undebatedly has bugged me that that part of my life has been missing. Bugging me big time.

I have been offered up an adventure or greatness, and I indeed shall look upon this adventure as truly a great one .. with many details and ideas to be soaked into my conscious, just to be rebuilt upon this very story telling forum. AND yet again .. I contemplate.

In other debateable bug stories ... I am now living bug drug free, as of yesterday. Easier said than done, the great bug doctor said NO to bug drugs, I have lived wanting to say NO to bug drugs, and the super animated Bug Drug Hating Dr said a BIG NO to bug drugs, and I now I will live by the consequences of their decisions ... this immunosuppressed body now is going it alone in this bug filled bug hub of life .. so Yes, I had the great fortunes to send that bottle of bug killers to the back of the cupboard, and hope for the best that the bug that infiltrates the little bugger of a foot will remain at bay, and let me be.

The cool ladies will go shopping ... and this one ... well it will bug me if I debate whether or not I should go .. so off I go, and no debating about bringing the camera, if I leave without it .. that will BUG me.

Minds made up .. no more debating about this bug worthy event!

AND ... because I have proof of life outside of these four walls I leave you with this:

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