Friday, May 16, 2014

Gardening magic

I would post a crap ton of photos .... if I could manage. Somehow this blogger isn't capable of finding my photos from the ipad. Not sure how this is so.

So in things that I can talk about:

I have been studiously slowly painstakingly methodically working on my garden the past number of weeks. It's a painful process of endurance, timeliness and patience. Something of which there are certain attributes that I own, and others are not coming so naturally to me. Like patience. I have been working to embrace the new normal of patience that one must endure to work on an affected limb that does not have the mobility or the strength to keep up with the rest of me. It's highly exhausting to continuously deal with the chronic pain that lives within this leg, and the work that it takes to ignore IGNORE IGNORE all of it. I eat Tylenol Extra Strength like I eat caramel popcorn, ... by the gazillions ! I love that stuff ... and the easy swallow tylenols are just about up there on the I LOVE IT list ! I can't live without them currently! But that's OK, ... this will not be forever ... just a bit of a blip in the road of life. However; the blip has been going on for over two years now .. but again .. it's ok .. some blips just take a little longer to fix. Clearly this is a bit of a long stretch blip.

I do believe that soon I will be begin my marathon of alcoholic beverage consumption .... surely that will improve the tylenol effect .. no? I am off of the bug drugs, and have been for two weeks ... a whole two weeks ... I think I was off the bug drugs back in November for about a month and a bit ... so I have a ways to go before I can be all show offy and big about my achievements! Ha! In the meantime it probably would be best to take up the drinking fairly soon!

Back to garden talk:

Despite the above bullshit going on ... I have managed to renovate my garden patch. I have made it a ton SMALLER, and a ton more DENSE! It looks fantasmicle! OK .. so one day the sister came and helped me do some renovating as well, but I will admit ... I did a huge majority of it ... so I am glad to state that fact! Slow and steady does get things accomplished .. I have actually managed to do quite a bit when one sits back to think about it .. if only I could post from my pictures ... the tales I could tell!

In things that are comical: (to me!)

Yesterday the Bo Bo turned TWO! So in an effort of true comedy I kept taking photos of him, and posted them on facebook ... all day. Like I had nothing better to do. Well .. in actual fact I didn't ... I was outside chopping up sticks with my new loppers  ... and there I sat .. behind the wood pile just chopping. Not a single person in the world would believe me that it it's quite soothing to just sit and chop and mulch.

I have a master plan for life beyond the wood pile ... I actually envision a swing seat to eventually take the wood piles place. Now that would be a practical solution for the ugly woodpile fascade.

In other things comical:

The girl got asked to grad. Of course that comes at a cost. A BIG cost ... one that the GRAD date doesn't take into account when asking the question of "would you like to attend?" ... there then is the consideration of clothing, hair, shoes, limo rides, grad tickets, after grad tickets .... you know .. that sort of inexpensive stuff. IN THINGS THAT are HIGHLY COMICAL .. again I have stated to The Fuss that she is of the requirements that she requires a REAL job! One where she has to report to the establishment on a weekly basis, and not on a singular monthly basis. ... albeit good the job that she has ... all the same .. this girl needs cash in her pocket .. not her mother's cash in her pocket!

So in moments of inspiration:

It is a beautiful day out here ... I have been up since 0500, and certainly not a moment of time spent in regret .. I LOVE to be awake nice and early in the morning during this time of the year. I can't get enough of the sounds of birds floating and flittering about. Todays affirmations include just feeling at peace with the sounds and the winds and the cool morning temperatures. Not that it is hot here ... just a cool morning and feeling eager for the day, and he gardening adventures that MUST take place.

In things that MUST happen:

Clearly I seem to have issues in the running shoe department .. as in ... DO NOT WEAR YOUR RUNNERS in the GARDEN ... but I do .. and now they are kinda on the obnoxious dirty side. So I must throw my expensive runners in the wash ... and let the machine do it's magic.

Yesterday .. while it was busily being BO BO's birthday .. I washed all his blankets .. included in that blanket was a bone .. while it was in the washing machine .. I was thinking to myself .. this better not be an indication that BO BO is getting a new washing machine for his birthday, as the machine was making a highly odd sound .... of which I happily ignored... much to my happiness.

Well ... do the best to make the day magical.

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