Sunday, May 11, 2014

OK ouch.

So Tuesday was NOT a good idea. In fact, if one prefers torcher as a good time, then they  quite preferably would have enjoyed going to the Americas. Now, since torcher is a NOT THE word that comes to my mind often in the sense of fun; however it was torcher of what the day consisted. Not a good time in that department.

BUT .... all that aside, as their is always an upswing to every story. ... the day was truly fun and lovely and i would happily go about it again, minus the pain crisis that I seemed to find myself in.

We ended up at Red Lobster .. while I hobbled about the sidewalk for a bit, trying to breathe through the pain .. and eventually I found a chair to rest my leg upon ... and we endured a lovely red lobster dinner experience with the lovely now 17 year old miss fuss a lot. The AUNTS found all kinds of tidbits of good things for the 5'9" beauty queen!

So my little world had expanded for a bit, as he foot hadfelt better ... and now ... that world has shrunk again as I can not seem to tolerate spending any amount of time walking or standing on it. Not sure what to make of that sort of stupidity. Gawd.

We went out to a fundraiser the other night ... it was at the legion. The boyson, and his friend were just hysterical over the grey haired alcohol event that unfolded before their eyes, and the cranky lady that opened the door to let us in "What are you doing here?" she demanded. She was a scary cranky purse wielding door opening lady. We knew to follow her commands to the tee, for fear of being belted.

Last night the boyson, the same friend, and his mother and I went out to the commodore ballroom. I do not believe I have entered this establishments doors. EVER! Don't ask me how that is ... as I have seen lots of shows over the course of time .. and lat night we all joined to watch "Current Swell". OMAGAWD .. I loved listening to them ...

And now today ... a beautiful Mother's Day or such ... and I have spent the day inside ... just mussing about with a foot/leg that pains me with every step ... ok ouch!

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