Saturday, May 03, 2014

Happy MayDAYS!

So my sister came over the other day ... I fed her licorice and goodies .. because can you believe it .. they didn't have any licorice allsorts. It's a good thing ... she says they are her vice! BUT .. I did get some good work out of her ... all sugared up and stuff and such!

I have/had been revamping my little back shade garden ... which required my moving and shoveling and walking and more digging and bending. All things that my little foot is most unhappy doing. I guess I have had enough of trying to get it to work properly that I asked for the Garden Goddess to come in for the kill! Which she did quite nicely I have managed to make the shade garden just a titch smaller .. now my whack of hostas are going to fill the space to the brim. 

In the meantime while all the garden madness ensued: we had a certain BO-BO that barked and flitted about the yard, and dropped his favourite balls all around our work area. Spilling water cups and hiding behind the green waste container .. just enough so he good dig his paws into the good green earth .. yes GREEN ... this furry boy does love his hole building adventures!

I found out today my friend was having an all day scrapbooking event ... missed out on that ... drag a million ! In other things that are a drag ... I am TRYING to create a scrapbook from the New York Adventure .. I can only do it on the husbandmans laptop .. MY LUCK ... as the scrapbooking thingy website place doesn't have an upload feature from dropbox .. which is where I housed all my photos .. so I could conduct business from the comfort of my livingroom chair via the ipad. That's something that I call the FML feature of my life !

I'm looking forward to washing my car ... and vacuuming it .. or better yet .. I think I am looking forward to finding a groupon that is going to do it for me! I am truly a professional at spending money via the internet these days. Now there is something to be super proud of !

In other things that I am proud of:

Watching that girl of mine be a part of the school performance "All. Shook.Up". I was wowed on all SIX nights of the show. Of course I am not wowed by the photos .. but that is par for the course with me .. 

In other things that are outwowing the wow filled wowness: The bad little foot/leg is living up to its evil self ... and has continued to somehow not wow me in the getting better department. It is so close to getting better that it is truly evil that it is not. I will make my way to the bug doctor lady ... which I really didn't want to go to, as she has real people with real bugs to deal with .. not this stupid little plague but us all foot that I own .... but ... I also thought .. I might just call her .. since I didnt want to make the decision as to what I should be doing ... so I called her office .. and asked if I stay on "these" antibiotics, or just discontinue them ... the efficient secretary said ... " I will send her a message ... that way if she says continue .. you don't have to come see her ..." ... The efficient secretary called me back .. with an appointment to see the bug doctor lady. In some ways probably not a bad thing since even though I can walk on my foot, it just continues to burn and has some lovely evil red streaks shooting around, with some interesting looking long swollen spot on the foot .. so you know .. everyday is a mysterious gift with this foot. One day it will be better. I'm forever certqin that one day is very near ... as I have wine to drink, and alcohol that I would wish to indulge in ...  I mean come on ... all this straight living induced my medication can only be tolerated for only so long!

So my girl ate some celery the other day ... she tells me after that eating celery makes her tongue go numb ... so she googles it .. and it happens .... to people .. from what I see ... something called Eugenol that might cause this to happen ... all the same .. sort of freaky .. so I asked her not to eat too much celery .. because a numb tongue leads to what ... speaking in a strange tongue .. and this girl is already strange enough! Ha!

I just remembered that I boiled the kettle ... probably over an hour and a half ago ... for some tea ... good thing that I have profound synapsing to have remembered that .. and on that note ... off I go to injest one of my bug drugs, some tea and tongue numbing celery ... 

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