Sunday, May 04, 2014

Loving the toast

Ok seriously ... how does one come to love toast a lot?

Cause I am one that has come to LOVE toast than more than one could dare to imagine.

Of course I LOVE peoples accents, and peoples actions, and places that I get to see people, and people that wear nice lovely shirts, and dogs that look cute, and pictures that inspire me. I LOVE that stuff to bits ... 

BUT .. there is that ONE thing that wakes you up to a brand new day ... and it's called TOAST!

A toast for the TOAST!

I'm not sure when this transformation occured ,,, it was like a settling force that came to town, I am not sure if it's a seasonal thing .. like when you watch the leaves on the trees emerge in the spring ... because I have had fair opportunity to sit and watch all of these actions unfold. However toast is something that just keeps happening ... it's like a fresh spring morning ... every single morning. WHO could get bored of that ? Not me I say. 

Then of course there is the gentle paring of flavours. Will is be an apple, or a strawberry, or a deeper flavour like peanut butter, or then just bacon, or bacon and an egg, and then perhaps bacon eggs and tomatoes. Occasionally the excitement could be a strong cheddar slice with some raspberry jam. Now that is a delightful morning taste.

I just can't enough of my toast, toast, toast. There are the rare but REAL occasions that the toast must be eaten on it's very lonesome ... like just with some butter smothered on top. Now that taste is for real .. one of the best.

The configurations and contemplations are an endless game, albeit that the kitchen cupboard is stocked with varying taste transitions for the morning pallet.

One must not think too deeply about the additions to the toast filled endeavour, as it will ruin the moment of savouring the flavour filled expectations, it's almost like you have to reach you have to put all the items on a lazy suzy and spin till it stops, and the item that comes before you is the item that will be placed upon the toast. Bare in mind that I did not mention the blueberry and syrup combination now that is a flavour explosion one must be prepared for .. and therefore doesn't qualify for the lazy suzy agenda .. but must be contemplated all the same.

So much excitement ..... so little time ... think about it ... there is only 365 and occasionally 366 days to perfect the morning toast procedures. I am so glad I believe in the do-ever system ... so that way if I didn't get it right first thing in the morning .. I still have two more chances in the day to get it right.

Happy toasting folks!

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