Monday, February 06, 2012

Welcome lalas.

AND .. in other things that I found ... I must hit DRAFT .. instead of PUBLISH .. because you know .. the two words look and read the same don't they ... ? I must publish this due to the fact that I like the title of this post. All of my posts have great titles .. and therefore MUST be published .. never mind what the following drizzle has to talk about ... I have a feeling that I must have been thinking about time going by as I wrote the following STUPENDOUS piece of poetry .. and my little ones growing into huge towering ones ...

AND .. an update .. the boy is back .. living in his bedroom, and now completely removed from the livingroom ... he LOVES his new room .. completely 17.

Now onto this DRAFT post from ... 3 weeks ago ... nothing has changed ... kind of ... just age and time.

That was my first thought.

Little lalas running around,
little lalas falling down,
little lalas spreading their wings,
little lalas doing great big things.

There, a Monday poem ... what an accomplishment!

In other things accomplished:

Haven't yet got the boy out of his makeshift bedroom yet. He is currently being housed in the livingroom while his room is in for renovations. I gave away his furniture over the weekend .. and he has been without ever since, so an air mattress an an excess of blankets have been his best friends ... when he needed to sleep. He went out the other night .. and got home at 0530 in the morning. Put your eyeballs back in your brains ... he went out to help a friend work on a project .. they went to the all day all night recording school. Jimmy and his billions of dollars worth of equipment. It's all good .. he managed to work 2 eight hour shifts over the weekend, plus stay out to help a friend, plus went to an 80th birthday dinner, plus took his date out! What a lazy ass.

In other things lazy:

That's how I feel on Monday mornings ... except that I can't be. My one task of the morning is getting that Jimmy to school .. and then I can have a bit of free time to myself .. and look around the house, and take mental notes of things that need to be accomplished. Then those mental notes, make me mental .. then I use a very well established habit ... and I MANAGE to forget everything that I thought about .. and go on with my day ... I am SO a professional at this! Not to fear .. all those thoughts come rushing back at a quarter past midnight ... hmm.

I have bought myself another day of free time. My last day at my group is March 1st. Sadly. BUT .. with the changes that have occured, and what has become a steady new norm of the association, I am not pleased with the lack of communication, and the expectation that half my work should be conducted as a volunteer. I was not happy having a volunteer as a volunteer, but rather should have been a paid position, on top of my position. AS odd as that sounds. Nonetheless ... I am out. Done. Complete-O. Quitsville. I wish the next person they find great successes .. because they are going to have to be someone that is willing to do a whole whack of stuff, for not really a lot of coin in their pockets. I think I might have been dumb for doing it this long. Oh well ... sometimes it takes time to realize that YES you really are that dumb!

In other other things so greatly exciting .. its .. "bring your camera to class" tonight at my photogroup! I am so so so so excited about that ! I am hoping today I can run around and gather some photos before going .. not that anything exciting will pop out at me ... but just fun enough to gather some images before I go ... I totally forgot about until now!

That has created a certain light footstep all of a sudden .. better get moving while the fever strikes!

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