Thursday, February 09, 2012

poems for the popper

The sun is hiding.
Behind the clouds.
The world has gone dull.
Beneath it's shroud.

Alrighty then ... moving forward.

I bought a new jar of peanut butter yesterday. I can't help but love peanut butter. I do eat the reduced fat .... however I know that it isn't the complete greatest for you ... but then ... what do you eat for that hit of protein with the celery .. you can't chuck a piece of ham on a stick of celery. Well .. you can have cream cheese .. that's extra exciting ... but fricken expensive.

In the meantime while I ramble this is what is taking place:

My home doesn't echo. Except in the Jimmy's room. There's a lotta echoing going on in there. In the meantime the other end of the house is loaded up down and sideways with the Jimmy's stuff. Including Jimmy ... he's camping in the livingroom. Quite the camping situation we have going on here ... chaos before change. It's that simple. 


LarryLilly said...

Crunchy or creamey?

I LUV crunchy, I lkuv tripple decker PB&J&PB&J sammys. Unless there is marshmallow fluff around, then its triple decker PB&fluff&jelly. The jelly has to be on an end else it melts the whole inside. Unless of course you nuke it on high for 5 seconds, then its like s amores on crack, well, unless you have graham crackers then well, you get my drift.

Since losing all that weight hoewver, i no longer eat them in any combonation. I might have a matzoh with crunky PB, or a saltine with jelly, or my new fav, habanero mixed apricot preserves on a crust of bread.

So, is it crunchy or creamey you indulge yourself with?

Susan said...

So patching an painting time eh? Have you ever painted it since you did the teal for him as a baby?

Deanna said...

I LOVE crunchy ... but go with 25 % reduced fat .. and eat it on max flax bread or celery. peanutbutter is a staple. i eat it almost every day ... when i am not eating eggs!!

AND ... there has been no painting since the baby boy was exactly that .. ... my baby boy ... of course we painted with that in mind .. longevity. Now he is move out worthy ... if he needs to go make a spot in the world .. him and his furniture can go with him ... and the room will be freshly painted for our needs. Not that I want him to go anyday soon. I like the guy. Most days.