Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not really a day

In the life of me ... but you get the drift.

The first is a bear location ... where they magically slip through the tree line, and you would never know they were there ... I like the sun peaking through .. and at this time of year .. it's clear sailing walking up to the entrance .. because I also know somewhere behind me they are tucked away in the forest snoozing ...

I managed to figure out how to do this shot last week. The image could be focused a bit better, however it was a bit scary working in a group of strangers, and people were busily pressing down their shutters .. and then setting the group back even longer .. I didn't want to be one of them .. so I just took what I got ... and for the most part .. I managed to get the picture .. the subject was brilliant at being a subject. Just don't photograph his hands ...

The third picture was heading straight for the delete button. The skies were too grey, and the shot not quite focused .. but then I noticed something .. it had the cool image of one of our local ski mountains in the backdrop .. so in my mind this image is far better than it will ever be .. and had it been an EXCELLENT shot .. it would have been featured in a ski adventure film, or a tourist splash. OK .. maybe not .. but in the mind of ME .. it would have.
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LarryLilly said...

The first pic, very nice.