Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's a bit of dust ...

Over there, and here, and around the corner, and across the way.
There's a bit of dust filling up my day.

A smattering of laundry, just enough to fill the room,
happily I watch as the clean pile looms.

That means I must be doing something,
although it does not show here,
Clean bathrooms and a vacuumed floor,
brings about a certain amount of cheer!

The skies are too grey to take my camera out.
Also too wet ... that is without a doubt.

I can not run, because of the icky rain ...
Getting drenched while exercising ..
is a source of gigantasourus disdain.

AND that would be a Tuesday poetry session.
Now onto other things:

Did I mention that I don't really like hockey.
It's annoying.
Except for a certain someone.
He loves hockey.
More than me.
I just know it.
That's a reality folks, not jealousy.
It's fair.
I love my camera, and what it can do for me.
So we are even.
Except that I want a BIGGER lens.
Of course.

In other things spectacular:

Hm. Well it looks like I will have to get back to you on that.

In other things mundane:

I managed a crazy day on Saturday.
It was crazy.
I guess I am good at crazy .. somehow it's me.
Driving here, dropping off,  driving there, doing hair, setting up displays, gathering information, taking down numbers, driving over here, driving back, driving back, taking down displays, dropping off, driving back, picking up, getting home, throwing in some laundry, getting changed, darting out, ran 5 miles, getting home, cleaning up, going out to party one, then onto party two, then onto party three.... then finally home for crazy me.

By Sunday after work .. I was bit of a zombie like character .. and intensely wished for it to rain, so that I would for sure not want to get out there and rush around gathering some exercise ... but alas .. it didn't rain damn it - even though the freaking sky was threatening and threatening .. and I felt guilty ... I just didn't have any steam left. ... except to gather the jimmy at 11. I always am the person that hunts and gathers the jimmy. That alone is a full time job.

I reminded the jimmy to make sure he went to school today, despite Denny's having a 99 cent sale on grandslams. Talk about addiction ... I wonder if somewhere situated in the western world if we have access to a Denny's rehab centre .. surely there must be ... ? omagawd .. somehow I'm starving thinking about it .. however .. since the rain is falling intensely ... so does my likely hood of making my way there...

Well ... now that I have accomplished thirty millions posts in one single sitting I best be off ... of course I am happily sitting next to a pile of clean laundry .. that is saying something!

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LarryLilly said...

I used to hear my mom say that dust were the souls of bad people and we need to sweep them away. Now, that was maybe 1950's way for a parent to get their kids to appreciate cleaning and dusting. But imagine, if that were true, maybe there are some good people out there that got lost trying to go where good dust go to.

You think?