Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sticky situation 11,342.

I was just about ready to click DELETE on the "my music" portfolio ... when a little bird came chirpping at me ...

"uhmm ... something is telling YOU not to do that Deanna, so you better not"

And I didn't.


I figured out that it would have deleted my whole itunes thing that I have going on on the Ipid. YEupp ... my ipid, the Jimmy's ipid, not the Sir or The Fuss'es ipids .. cause they are hooked up on different computers .. BUT MINE .. well that would have been good reason to be the crumpled flower still alive in the garden bed, and try to look pretty, when the situation clearly wasn't.

BUT .. that was avoided.

I DELETED my picture library instead.

Yes I did folks .. all ten bazilgalilion pictures and assorted videos .. GONZO charlie.

Of course I had my handy 240 GB external hardrive to capture all that I deleted.


That would have been cause for more than a freakout than I am already having with my mastercard bill that just so happens to have my roof purchase on it.

In other things far more daring and adventuresome and equally expensive ... now that I have transferred all my images ... I am considering doing on-line scrapbooking .. and doing albums for "the years" that have accumulated. This may be far more time efficient, albeit maybe just as expensive as scrapbooking ... BUT at least there would be the images in hardcover to rifle through. The whole making time to drink wine and scrapbook have all but been thrown out the window. What a shame. I enjoyed my evenings out .. or maybe it was the wine .. at any rate ... my lovely piles of scrapbook adventures will wait for me until the timing is right ...

In things that are important to this time of year ... got caught up in a groupon the other day .. and bought TWO of them ... so you know .. I have TWO gifts and all ... for the peoples and such.

Only 24 more days to perfect this gift buying adventure!

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