Monday, November 07, 2011

writing a resignation letter 101.

How does one do that ... ??

Excuse me ..  it is unfortunate that I am writing this .. but I QUIT.

Sort of.

I QUIT because ...

It has become impossible to split myself into more than one being, or it is at the current time in our universe.

I quit because lots of people have a lot of money to be given out, except I can't seem to get anyone to give any to me... and it really isn't for me .. it's for the group.

I quit because the pieces of paper that I have to keep track of somehow don't all fit into one binder, or one bag, or one bookcase, without being lost .. because I work out of a box.

I quit because although I do get paid to do a position, I also end up being a volunteer. How is that completely possible?

In an essance I look at volunteering as a way of moving forward. An opportunity to make gains where otherwise you wouldn't have a chance at "testing out your skills", in reality a volunteer is ultimately someone that comes, gives and leaves .. no strings attached ... except ... when you end up being a paid volunteer. Wow, now theres a string that's attached!

I quit because I have let myself fall prey to thinking about a singular item 24 hours a day. Now I have  work/quitting OCD .. and I spend half my time telling myself to not think about something, and the other half the day telling myself to write something.

I quit because I just don't know what to do any longer .. and the longer it takes me to quit the longer I stay, and the longer I stay, the longer it takes me to quit. .. not sure how I ended up on this treadmill of happiness ...

OH right .. it is the PEOPLE. Hook. Line & Sinker. What a snag.

Maybe I wont quit for today afterall ...


susan said...

How much longer will you torment your self over this!!!!!
I know its the wonderful people you are working with. From the one event I attended, I could see the joy your people get from the group. So your suffering is a worthy pastime!

Chaos said...

My father loves you....I love you more!