Sunday, November 27, 2011

The football whistle

Probably the most annoying thing going, secondary to trying to wake the boy up to go to school.... or to wake the boy up at all in fact.

That's OK .. cause I used the secret tool called an alarm clock that helped matters the last two days .. when he had to be at work at 7. I mean crap .. he had just gone to bed at what ...5:13? At any rate ... he is done is early morning working for the week ... thank the lord to the mother with the patience of a golden rainbow ...

The GreyCup is in our big city today. Ick. Football. I once upon a time made the fatal mistake of going to actually watch these large events, thinking that I would get it ... and what I did get was the fact that I felt like an idiot ... cause I didn't have a clue what was going down. AND the freaking whistle ... CHEESUS I HATE the whistle. I'd rather listen to a cowbell ... but apparently that's not the way it is done.

Curse them.

Well .. I have spent a huge HUGE HUU-UUGE portion of time this past week deleting, moving, copying and cleaning ... THIS computer out. The memory WAS full. So full it did look a little bloated and was a tad bit moody in actuality. I am not really sure if it is in fact as cleaned out as it should be ... I think a little more fruit lax from above, will make the final clean out a blow out!

In the meantime .. I am going to throw some more pictures into this thing .. because NOW I know that I can not delete the library, cause that is going to piss off our little friends "The Ipods". GAWD damned friends .. now these are clearly OBJECTS that I can no longer live without. I think I might love it more than the three humans and two dead dogs combined.

OK .. enough with that gawd damned whistle. I am thankful however that this is the most football that the husbandman will watch for the entire year .. is todays game .. so you know .. I am sorta thankful .. thanks GOD. I am also thankful for the DOOR that husbandman put on the den .. cause it's been shut ... as of now!

In other things ... will fiddle with the computer .. and the camera .. and you know .. just waste time while I should be doing other things that I know I should be doing .. but just can't be bothered ...

MORE IMPORTANTLY ... I got rid of my 21 year old couch today ... and the other 22 year old couch that wasn't mine to start with .. but I ended up with .. that I gave to the sister ... who I think she might be happy with it .. once she stops being mad ... about something.

I can't cure the world .. but I did definitely cure my livingroom of some old stock of something ...

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