Monday, November 14, 2011

Resignation incomplete

I'm still on this.

I'm still working on that letter.

I'm still trying to NOT say what I really wish to say.


In other things as equally boring as that ... would be:

Called the school,
talked to the VICE.
He sounded cool,
he sounded nice.

Worked on a plan,
or something like that ...
chatted about things like:
being a magician with a hat.

Ok so not really a magician;
but more like a sleuth;
keeping a watchful eye,
on a particular youth.


AND it gets more boring ....

The boy called it quits;
at the separation game.
All of the non-talking,
was driving him insane.

He marched himself to the room,
where the forbidden one stood;
Politely wished to conduct himself,
as any young man should.

And that is it;
a trial of separation has ended;
hopefully again,
he wont get suspended.


AND STILL the boringness continues:

A movie in the making,
of which nothing is known ...
A sound engineer sent some music,
of which true talent has been shown.

Information has been swapped;
and now they lie in wait...
Will the music be used ...?
Can this be their fate ..?


DONT let the snooze button wake you:

A certain pretty Fuss,
with all her craziness aside ...
has opened up some peoples ears
With a "Manners Speech" to present far and wide!

That's it .. I'm out ... Happy Monday people of the universe.

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