Monday, June 13, 2011

speeding away at the speed ...

Of sound ...

Yesterday I was at work.

After all, it was Sunday, and that is generally where I find myself on most Sundays.... but when it came to 2:00 ..

I shot up and left...

and ran (well OK I didn't run at this very moment  but rather quickly made my way)

down the street

to get to ..

"the faceplant fellas"

playing at Sapperton Days.

And there they were in big bold daylight ... on stage

Singing and playing their big sounds.

Very cool to watch ...

I watch these characters and wonder where does one get their drive to perform?

The King and I are very NON performers. So it doesn't come from that. I have always been intrigued about intrinsic motivation, and how truly UN-intrinsicly moved the Jimmy has been over the course of his years ... EXCEPT when it comes to his music & what HE wishes to perform.

The Miss Pipalot is the same ... a natural performer. She has excelled in the exact ways that the King and I never enjoyed during the school years ... presentations and getting involved in the school plays.


It will be interesting times next year when the chicklets of mine re-enter the SAME school ...  and they are BOTH going to try out for the play. The difference will be exactly this ... the PIPPY will be able to adapt to whatever is thrown her way, and she will just go with it ... and I know the JIMMY will find a swirling current and get caught going a different direction .. as always.


In the meantime ..... I will continue to trudge around the lower mainland watching the faceplant fellas play on a variety of stages ... and I will try and get pictures of them ... of course the trick here is to get a good picture of each them, in a light where they look good in an exact moment. Challenging no?

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Susan said...

I am off work for a few weeks, so keep me posted on their calendar!
Glad to see a new post!
Im famous today, check out a couple of links on my facebook!
Not as famous as the faceplants by a long shot!!!