Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have a box ...

  1. Pens,
  2. Papers,
  3. little bags,
  4. odd rocks,
  5. cards,
  6. special bags
  7. key chain holders
  8. name tags
  9. wooden boxes
  10. scraps of material
  11. toothbrush
  12. old sunglasses
  13. 12 books
  14. cd case
  15. camera manuals
  16. iphone box "special"
  17. ribbons
  18. hand cream tubes
  19. wooden unpainted characters
  20. leftover christmas decorations
Yes ... that is what my box will be full of the second I leave here ..... It's little pieces of stuff that has accumulated in little inconspicuous corners of the world, that serve to clutter me up. I am about to be defragged.

In other news newsworthy ....

I had an aha moment .. just a moment ago ... I am going to transfer the pictures of the strides for stro.kes event from saturday onto a memory card, and then bring my frame, and let them play from that ... what an idea~! People will be most happy!

My gift bag cupboard is full .. well full of tissue paper that is ... AND then I bought more BEAUTIFUL gift bags last week. ONE can never have enough gift bags ... and to think that I only have ONE shelf dedicated to that sort of stuff .. no wonder I cant put the gift bags away. Probably should buy more gifts ... I guess.

HOLY thundering granola bars .. it's my nieces 16th birthday today ... my BIL took a gorgeous photo of the girl ... absolutely gor.gee.os.

That girl, and my boy .. along with a couple other thousand kids are writing their provincial math exam today. Nothing like having your birthday at the end of June, or the beginning of September, or even the beginning of January ... it's all a WELCOME to school event .. of which we all have done this to our children. Well .. my boy had his chance ... he could have arrived on Christmas .. like I wished for him to....

In other non-christmas events ... it's raining out ... but warm ... so in effect my flowers and APPLE trees are being watered! I can not find my box of carrot seeds that I had here last week ... can't hink of what I did with them .. and they didn't fill my box of SHIT... CRAP... STUFF... delicately placed items of existance ....

Need some pictures .. must go find some ...

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