Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer ...

I certainly hope it stays that way.


Have offered up my house for an event next week. Kinda nervous ... cause it just makes me nervous offering up my house ... not that we have party crashers .. it's more of ... I just get worried that the place will never get clean enough.

Hmmm.. who cares. It will be nice to just "do something different".

In other things different...


In other things different....


In things that are going on:


No really ... I speak the truth.


Am doing things differently already .....

I have booked some dates for the stroke group to meet in the summer. NOW that is different!

Have decided that I am going to try and run 5 miles in an hour. I did it in an hour and TWO minutes yesterday. Had a little freak out at my failure!... of course the freakout was because the PIP was with me ... and I had my music turned up ... Omaaaagggaaaawwdddd ... EVERYBODY needs this song "Back in the New York Groove" by KISS. ... and I was trudging along ... with the music in my ears... and the PIP rolling along side of me... and me singing ... to the song ... which I barely know the lyrics ... and the FUSSILINA doll is rolling her eyes and laughing at my craziness.

My real goal was to run for 60 minutes ... but when I saw that I was going to get close to running to the 5 mile mark my pace quickened ... cause sometimes I am just that determined. The Fussy had been busily telling me about how she doesn't do anything competitive, and we had been talking about that while I ran, and she road .. and so it was that exact TEACHABLE moment that it sprung upon me that life is a competitive adventure .. if only it is US that we compete against.

My next goal is to continue to quicken my pace, if only a very small amount .. and purchase some new runners ... however currently I am still very much loving these nike air runners that I have owned for a small while, and are still very cushiony, and still have a large amount of tread that hasn't been flattened. I might even buy another pair of running pants. AND .. then I am going to attempt to run every second day, instead of every third. Lots of plans swirling about ... just need to jump on them .. between the weather storms.

More news on the Fussilina doll ... she auditioned & FINALLY got a solo for the leaving ceremony on Thursday. My Fussilina doll ... amazing young lady with a glowing spirit, she exudes such gentle confidence mixed with a certain amount of craziness. Oh how I wish I could have been this way when I was her age. Crazy ... well I believe I had perfected that in Grade 8 ... but that confidence .. and auditioning & singing IN FRONT of others ... neva, neva, neva, NEVERRRRR! She is over the top excited to begin Grade 9 ... just so that she can get into the play ... that is her sole focus.

And the Jimmy. The Jimmy is good. Looking like James Dean again, with that black leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans. That Jimmy is now "his" departments "go-to" guy. The manager lady asked for "the Jimmy" when he showed up for work yesterday and told him that he was now "the go to guy" for the other employees in his department. She said that she watched him in action the last couple of weeks, and saw that he had a good work ethic, and encouraged others to complete tasks that were asked of them. HOLY FLYING FRUITBATS ... I knew this day would come ... that the Jimmy would take ownership of doing a good job, when there was a lot at stake. Mr. 16 year old newbie is the go-to guy. Rock on Jimmy ... oh .. right .. that he will.

Happy first day of summer .. and a warm welcome back .. to the SUNSHINE!

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