Sunday, June 05, 2011

So yesterday ...

Was a long long time ago .. so I'm gonna talk about today.... as it's so fresh in my mind and all. But wait .. first a moment of brilliance ...

Yae me: I managed to plant alot of my little plants and such yesterday ...
Yae me: I remembered to call my friend ... it was her birthday!
Yae me: I partook in a random wine sampling festival at my friends house.
Yae me: I think I will never get invited back ... not that I was invited anyways.
Yae me: I broke a tree stump down into smitherines & turn to bark mulch.
Yae me: I managed to eat cake and enjoy it guilt free!
Yae me: I remembered to change something from the day before ...! Whoa!
Yae me: I trudged around making plans to turn little things into BIG things!
Yae me: I managed to eat a bun before going to bed in an effort to feel well!
Yae me: I relaxed and enjoyed the moment of being "in the moment"
Yae me: I enjoyed the beautiful evening & didn't worry about those chicklets
Yae me: I managed to get myself back to work this morning minus an alarm.
Yae me: I forgot that I was going to talk about today!

Meanwhile ...

I did some sort of crazy inhumane challenge for myself after work ... I decided to run the route that we normally walk. Except that I don't run .. I kinda trudge, and then work at trudging ... I don't know when it will ever happen that I do run ... if ever .. but for now I trudge. So on Friday I did the 60 minute trudge challenge ... so I ran around the countryfied streets for an hour ... that was all good. Yesterday was a day off ... hence the gardening that got to happen .. and then today I decided that I needed to run around the streets and hills ... you know ... to mix it up a bit ... because I am sorta stupid that way ... I had my Neil Diamon "Crunchie Granola Sweet" & "Brother Loves Traveling Band" playing away on the tune maker, and punched in my random route that I dreamt up .. and off I went .. not sure what was to become of me ... of course there was someone that came up from behind me and flew past me down the hill ... I can't even go down the hill fast ... (which might be a smart thing ... ) ... and continued on ... I ran (trudged ... but DIDN"T walk) for 50 minutes along roadways and inclines ... and eventually when I got myself back to the big hill .. I just walked up it ... for the time being I am not out winning awards at being the complete crackpot that nobody knows I am anyways ... so I figured walking up the hill was still a win in my books... but kind of ... and it was actually just HOT. Of course we are now into the start ofthe summer months, and have only had two maybe three nice days of blue sky weather ... so heatwise it was a bit dicey ... but I was still happy with the results ... I think eventually I might even be able to melt away some extra portions of me ... but will not hold my breathe .. for the moment ...

Alrighty .... so you in the streets and grocery aisles!

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Susan said...

Holy Crap. You are a good girl. Getting out and trudging! Man I went out to the dikes a couple days ago and after a mile my hip was acting up again Damn.