Monday, June 20, 2011

Can I have ..

  1. Someone come and do my hair for me.
  2. Please plug the curling iron in and style away.
  3. Your payback will just be a simple thank you.
  4. Thank you.
In other things that I wish I can have:

  1. That would be time.
  2. And money .. not necessarily for my own family, but a larger cause.
  3. A chauffer ... for me.
  4. Wait ... I want a housekeeper, that isn't me.
  5. Does she do laundry .. cause I want one of those people too.
  6. What about a shopper person ... there is such a service!
  7. An appointment scheduler ... for things like oil changes and stuff!
  8. I think a stylist is in order ... cause I have the simplest style going.... this could be challenging.
  9. A closet organzier. NO ... someone that re-organizes my specially contained stuff, to be re-contained ultra special like.
  10. A present shopper. I am the WORST ever present shopper. I even consented to a gift for a good gift giver for the giftee's, and the good gift giver has come up giftless, which makes me even more giftless, and now I can't retract the gift-in-tow obligation to regift my non-gift that I would have simply presented in a giftcard.
That's all.

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