Monday, February 21, 2011

part 7653 in deannaland.

The  End.

That's about it.

The strangest of things going on this past week.


The best and most exciting was my phone call to ro.gers.

I was calling customer relations ... and I am certain I called cattle country ... "Yeeup this is Barb ... snuffffflle, how can I help you ... slurp (from a glass with ice)". The phone call went on forever ... including a couple of FEEUUCKS thrown in for good measure ... !! Seriously ... this was customer relations ... HIGHsterical in the deanna department of funny things. I am waiting for a phone to arrive, ... if it doesn't then I will know that I was completely HAD, and someone in cattle country is still laughing from the idiot from the coast. I called to Calgary, Alberta ... well I didn't purposely call there ... but rather transferred. Only 5 minutes before that I had been talking to MIKE with the big Ang.ry Birds Booming voice accusing me that the plan that I was offered was not going to fly, so I just better get over it ... cause he had worked at Ro.gers for SIX years people ... and THIS offer just wouldn't cut it ... and whala ... 5 short minutes later I was talking to Barb, and another twenty five short minutes later through belches and bleepers I was talking to her, and her slow computer. ... giving me all the things that a good customer should wish for. ... hence that might be the reason I am still waiting for a phone ... I did see a UPS this morning ... but alas did not see a notice when I returned home.

In other things weird ... bought a blouse the other day. I don't wear blouses ... especially fru fru ones ... but this was fru fru ... and seemingly see through, but not. Whew.

DID NOT go out walking, running, stair climbing, hill climbing or any form of heart rate raising adventures at all. So not me ... BUT I did go buy a new pair of walking, running, stair climbing, hill climbing pants!

In things semi strange to the family but completely normal to me ... I am living inside a tent. Yes I am! I am happily keeping the heat in this very cold house ... or at least the very cold me. If I could drink wine I would ,,,but I am not ... I will go go.ogle that now ...

just another day in the life of deannaland ...

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