Friday, February 04, 2011

Bizarro lands

Right now we have eagles, crows, what appears to be ravens, and of course our unfriendly house dogs .. it's just like scavenger city has bombarded the fields surrounding us.
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Misfit in Paradise said...

Are you sure that's a dog? And not a coyote?

Anonymous said...

Handsome little devil! Where did you spot him??

Deanna said...

Ever so right ... that unfriendly dog is in fact a coyote, and I spottem it down at the end of Fremont by the golf course.

I actually spotted about 4 of them in the field by the cows that stand on the sawdust pile, next to where the eagle was sitting, along side of the of ravens, as well as all the other birds flitting about in the trees.

It was a rather odd event, something like Dr Seuss and what he saw on Mulberry street sort of thing.