Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm back .. again

Thank you for your suggestions about the job or non job event.

Your words ranked up there the same as Sirs' & the Jimmy.


Yes, a play on words about the unfriendly house dog!


In the meantime...

The Jimmy went to a (I guess a kinda-maybe-famous-but-not-amous guys) house on Saturday. Well .. Jimmy and his band, or the band and Jimmy. Anyways .. it was cool to let him go, and more interesting to hear what he had to say. I love the fact that when he went inside, it took him a moment to actually look at the guy, and then was quite impressed that he got to shake his hand. I'm not sure of the grand details that the band & the Jimmy were drumming up ... but one of the final questions they asked the maybe famous-amous guy was "what should we do about Jimmy's hair?" ..... The guy commented that the Beiber hair was fine ... which was when Jimmy pointed out that was the problem, with the exception that he doesn't spend thousands of dollars on hair products and styling ... it was the result of a bottle of shampoo, and a certain terettes kind of hair flick.

It's mindful Monday ... everybody get out there and do a random deed for a stranger. I want to be able to help a friend today .. and because of timing I am not able... which doesn't mean that I'm opposed to helping any other day of the week, but today is the day that I wish to be of assistance. I will plan for next time...


Laughed yesterday at work .. it was a unit clerk revolution. One small space, and three unit clerks. I wanted to be the Jimmy and shriek in his comical voice "what is going on here??" and throw my hands in the air. Instead the surgeon commented the fact that yesterday (being Saturday) there were two of us, and now today  (Sunday) there were three, he wanted to know what exactly kind of screw up that I was that warranted this much assistance. A BIG one.


Must go find questions & jokes & other things that make the grey matter spit and sputter. Aren't I nice?

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