Monday, December 13, 2010


In events that are thrilling:

Or are they ... ?

The boy is involved in an amazingly talented young group called the faceplants.
They were doing a show on Saturday night ... to well over the three mountain tops, which were all filled with traffic, on a lovely and dark stormy night, with a hockey game going on to boot.... with every person known to inhabit the earth all heading to the city centre of Vancouver.

We made it.

Kind of.

I was just about to head home from work when the boy calls .. "do you have something for a stomach ache?"

Uhmmm . no.... (jitters... nervousness...)

By the time I got home ... the boy was in the bathroom, bugged eyed, and hanging onto the walls.

Oh .. so it looks as though you have had some busy times in this bathroom my boy I say.

How about you go sit down .. and I will go to collect your keyboard.

On the way home .. I stopped to pick up his two friends, and my new acquaintance friend the mother.

I text my boy.... "but can you still play...?"

He believed he could.

"Are you going to get sick in my car .?"

He wasn't sure he wouldn't, but felt good to go.

We arrive back home in our drieway ... the boy comes out, looking all pasty ... but you know .. he can walk, so he can still certainly play.


The show must go on.

And it did.

Luckily he had his two buddies with him... the roadies...

They packed up his keyboard, carried it, actually set it up as well.

They were a prince among the princes!

The last pic is my favourite.

The first "gig" that the mother got to watch @ The Wired Monk on 4th in Kitsalano.

Cool. I have been planted.

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