Friday, December 17, 2010

Fuzzy fingertips.

It's true, they are.

Except I am not wearing gloves of any fuzzy nature.

Ok .. perhaps I lied, and they are not so fuzzy... but they feel fuzzy.

Similar to such a hangover event ... when things are just fuzzy.

In a non alcohol hangover way.

If that's possible.

I believe I am ploomplopped.

My brain is tired from RUNNING THINKING PLANNING ORGANIZING in 25 different directions... and that new book that I just bought is looking very enticing... except I can not open it yet ... I have to open it next week, well next week as in a week from this Monday. That is when it will be safe to SIT, drink & enjoy ... but this week .. not a chance bucko!

Today would be a brilliant day to go out and see some eagles ... perhaps if I go like a BAT OUT OF HELL (the Jimmyson is learning this song in his brain & keyboard for next year, or the year after so he tells me ...) ...maybe I can get the girl to accompany me out to the eaglelands later ... it's an hour ride... but a worthy one....

In the meantime ... I have much to accomplish .... even the most mundane of importance ... with the thrill of present wrapping .., mixed in with loads of laundry, a vacuum and a toilet brush.... AND I say THIS with vim & vigor people!

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