Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I live in cracker world.

Yes I do.

I'm not even sure what that means.

Is it me ... I am crackers.

Or should I rephrase and comment that I live in NUTland.

Me being the biggest NUTgirl in the bunch.

Today I purchased the Charlie Brown Christmas with the bonus DVD along with the music CD. It was very very very exciting to me.

The beautiful young lady at St*rbucks proclaimed it was a classic. Yes, it is I agreed with her. It has to be a classic... it was produced the same year I was. Clearly it IS a classic.

Cracker world. It finds me.

In other things filled with crackers and nuts.

I am not the banker girl that I should probably be.

The "other" stroke group doesn't have a financial person to do their book keeping details. I find it all rather confusing. Someone counts the change, and write on scribbles of paper. Then I take the deposit to the bank, and the clerk comes up with another number. Then I do two deposits at once, and all those numbers are different than the inital scribbled napkin. Then I forget to write in the book, and then those numbers are gone... meanwhile I have a bank statement that I can't figure out ... cause it doesn't end smack dab at the end of the month, but on the 9th day of the next month, and by this time there are checks and money that have changed hands ... and I can't keep up. I looked at the books .. and I am still sitting in October ... FUC$ ... where is November .. what happened to November .. we are in freaking DECEMBER .. no wonder I haven't HANDMADE MY CHRISTMAS CARDS LUJZA ... I don't even know what time of year it is ... with the exception that I am buying out the stores for whatever I feel like to give to my chicklets ... cause I am. You would really think that I bought the largest lucky lottery ticket around .. but I haven't.

Right ... that is because I live in cracker world ... and there are just so many varieties I wish for them all ...

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Chaos is my Life said...


the "word verification" was "materel"....close enough to "material"....which we don't need in this world....your Christmas blessings are abundant...without a card....