Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cloud cover

Has got it all messed up.

We missed the eclipse last night.

IF ONLY it had been the night before ... it would have been a wonderful spectacle. I might have even brought my camera out of hiding. But that would have enabled me to study the BULB section of my camera. THAT could have been challenging for me .. RIGHT NOW.

I am hoping to get some christmas cards done .. it's only the 21st ... I'm sure there is still time... isn't there?

Of course I am having this huge dyslexia thing happening when I type, which is unbelievably irritating. How is it possible that my words are happening even faster in my head than what I am spreading out on the computer screen.


In other things... messed up...

I realized I forgot my friends birthday, at the end of November. YOU see ... if YOU are not born on CHRISTMAS DAY .. then I am having a feeling that no other days count. Seriously really. It is a self fulfilling prophecy ... I knew her birthday was coming up ... and me being a birthday despiser knew that I would just forget ... because that is something I am very good at.. and I did just that ... BUT I remembered ... at some point last week .. and then continued on ... I am completely convinced that her birthday should be in December. I can swear each and every year that her DECEMBER marks another year on her AGELESS calender... (just like it does mine!)

Happy Birthday Debbie ... whenever it is .. or whenever it was ... we will toast to us one night during our scrapbooking!

In more things ridiculous ...

Christmas tree is up ... has lights and 7 snowflakes on it, by the end of the day, it might have red ribbon, and perhaps some ornaments .. but that is a MAYBE.
Have offered to work even longer on Boxing Day ... THIS girl that doesn't take to working. What kind of fool am I ... ? ( OK .. a fool that has gone COMPLETELY mast$rcard & shopping crazy ... that is who!).
Am going to go to a cute little village in burnaby ... oh right Burnaby Village Museum.
Will invite people over for dinner on Saturday ... probably should talk to them about it!

Is this all a result of cloud cover ... ?

If I don't chat with you my friends in computer land... from near and far .. may you have a merry christmas with family and friends, eat lots, enjoy some drink, REJOICE in dessert and wish peace and health and happiness to those that surround you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much :)
Better late than never!!
I am like you though, I despise birthdays at this young age of mine!!
Yes, we will toast one another at the next scrappin night!!