Friday, December 10, 2010

No wheely

I really got it!

The UPS man showed up today !!

The UPS man showed up today !!

The UPS man showed up today !!

and brought ME a wonderful ELECTRIC scooter !

Yes, just like a regular child's scooters... except now there is BATTERY power to move on this baby!

Who is it for you ask  ....

WELL .. I haven't figured that out yet ... except that it will be for the people that are all TALLER than me in our home, and younger ... at least that is what I am believing.

 It is wheely wheely thrilling I say!

In other things far less thrilling:

BOUGHT the husbandman a toaster today. It's a present. AND it's already wrapped. How about that people ! AND it's designed to toast up the bagel just perfectly .. which he does do every single morning ... that bagel toasting husbandman. He's been complaining about the CURRENT & STILL working toaster every single morning when he toasts a bagel. I believe this to be a very strong hint. At least I think it's a strong hint.

In far far less thrilling:

I still haven't done any Christmas cards, but have admired those that have MADE them & sent them. In fact ... almost kinda FREAKY actually. Sometimes I wonder if their clocks tick slower than mine... cause I can't figure out when they find the time ...

In far far far less thrilling to you .. but EXHILARATING to me:

I believe I have spent this years, and nexts year income on Christmas presents ... so I think I am done! At least for today.... maybe.

In things that will make you laugh:

At least it made me laugh ... a lot.

The husband man is technically a very very very silent soul. He just is. BUT we like him anyways. Not sure of why his ways keep him stealthily silent ... but they have the him locked up tight like a ziplock freezer bag (!) anyways ...

I was saying to "the Jimmy" the other night ... "what do you suppose we should get the sir?"

In less than a lub in a dub heartbeat he answers back ... "maybe we should buy him some dictionaries .. that way he could find some words to say".

OK PEOPLE ... that just killed me. In laughter. Maybe I am easily amused.

Interestingly enough ... the very next night ... I went over to friends house to a party .. and what do I spy on her shelf in the kitchen ... a stack of dictionaries. Of course I looked like the complete fool when I started laughing at the stack of dictionaries ... cause one would tend to think that a stack of books that are filled with alphabetical words, and weird slashes wouldn't really be that funny. OK .. for some NO .. me YES!

No wheely ...

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