Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to the scary world

So my job currently is just sitting here ... ever so still ... not moving this foot really one iota!!

I did some googled up reading on grafts ... and the one thing that I read about them .. is the fact that they are not supposed to move .. at all ... so being that this rather large graft is sitting on the top of my foot .. and I am still walking on this foot .. well, semi walking .. I am semi sorta scared crapless that this graft is not going to take .. and just peel off when I show up in the surgeons office on Tuesday. So I am doing almost everything in my power to keep this foot busily grafting until then.

I think tomorrow I MIGHT go sit in the livingroom ... for a bit ... I will see how my leg likes the semi elevation ... it might not .. and I will find myself just sitting atop this bed ... I am better off here anyways ... I have all my super gadgets and pieces of equipment .. and really .. at this time of year, the weather outdoors doesn't look so drastically different !

So yes ... scary google graft reading ... probably better that I did .. since I didn't really have any true discharge instructions .. other than the very basic .. "my job was to keep my foot up". Not much to go on, and really it's the implications of what happens if you don't do it according to plan ...

Go me ... 

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