Friday, January 09, 2015

Thank. Freaking. Gawd.

Another Friday ... but the first of the 2015 story.

Probably couldn't have lived another lifetime of the past number of weeks over again. Unbelievable!

Now ... 4 days post surgery ... although I can not walk on my foot ... I feel hugely better.

The Good Lord was working for me the other day when the surgeon refused to do the surgery after the pathologist didn't show up ... we needed a pathologist this day ... very much so ... so it has all ended favourably ... now will just wait the final pathology .. and then hope for the best that this beastly disease didn't migrate while everybody was busy holidaying and being jovial (I wasn't included in the jovial part!)

I will admit ... the time spent living for most of December was pretty despicable .. and the first couple of days into January was moving still in that direction .. but now ... I'm off and running!



NOW .. is when I get to start getting better.
NOW .. is when I get to start getting excited.
NOW when I get to start planning for better things to happen.
NOW .. is when I get to feel that I am finally out of the woods.

This endless story has just gone on too long, It almost seems impossible to believe that this has been so long and drawn out .. to the point of stupid.

Well ... moving forward then ... I can focus on all the adventures that I can now take! So it's exciting to sit back and fathom the possibilities.


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