Saturday, November 15, 2014

Minus three

I have three things I am going to do today.

Go to the craft store.
And go see some eagles.

It is a beautiful day already .. and cold ... of course it's not really that cold compared to some spots .. but it is too cold for me ... I think thought that I will bring my Oompa pants with me .. that will block some of the cold somehow. Good thought.

In other things way more less straight forward:

Six months of waiting , Five Dermatologists, Four biopsies later ... these people did arrive at a diagnosis. I was sitting at a 80-90% chance of this being positive ... the last 10% was revealed yesterday ... so my hold out of hope was dashed. I have to say ... I was respectfully holding out hope, however with the other number looming in the foreground I knew which road I would be walking

So now onto surgery. Ya ... I don't think I will be waiting three, two or one month for that to happen.

That's up to ONE plastic surgeon.

Oh brother.

Speaking of brothers:

He's always on Big Bruver's Bed, and always on Big Bruver's side ... and we call him Kevy ... a secondary nickname to BO BO, with the first name relation being Angus.

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