Monday, November 03, 2014

At some point you are a professional!

So LAST time I said to those Doctory types .. NO MORE BIOPSIES for ME !! Of course that was me concluding that THAT time was the last time, because surely to gawd the Pathologists would find whatever it is they were looking for with their microscopes and analyzers, and eyebulbs that probe for scary things and the like.

Today .. biopsy number 6 sample was taken. This one is the end of the road. For certain. The Plastic Surgeon even said it was the last biopsy sample he was going to take ... he's only taken two ... but I guess when you are the surgeon .. it get's a bit embarressing to be asked to RE-DO your work ... because after all ... aren't plastic surgeons the end of the road in that department?

So now ... I will sit and wait .. and heal this foot AGAIN ... although the answer has already been determined ... more or less ... well, more than less actually ... sighhhhhhhh.

Now that I am a professional at having biopsies taken out of the same spot on a very already sore little foot ... off I went to the Monday Group. Ya, I couldn't really walk at the end the session ... although ... I think it might have had more to do with the horrible tape that was stuck to my already very sore little foot, more than the actual sore foot itself.

GAWD damn it PATRICE!! who asked for the tape anyways...!!

I said to the fellow .. ya, that is not going to work ... but they put it on anyways ... because they didn't want to use the expensive bandage ... although I should have said ... Let's use that one ... why would that guy know that ... ? I will tell him in two weeks when I see him again....

So the BO BO boy has a sore paw too, he will be going to see the doggy fixer uper once the Sir get's home. Poor BO BO ....

Of course then we have the girl ... holy crap ... now .. she quietly says to me this morning ... do I need to go to school .. I only have drama .. and then I hang around for the next block .. and then I am going over to your group ... so I said ... sure .. no problem .. missy blondie locks .. stay home ... its ony drama ! HA ... well ... she is certainly very good in the drama department ... she managed to have a complete vasalvagal event, turn grey, collapses to the floor ... proceeds to sweat wildly ... then cools off as she lays on the floor, and eventually we get her back to the couch ... where she has remained all day ... so being a semi not super mother ... I made an appointment with the Dr. ... all the way into next week ... gawdddddd Patrice !!!!

ABOUT the Patrice thing .... it comes from How I MEt Your Mother ... and is just quite funny how the character freaks out and yells at the lovely Patrice over nothing ... all the time. Probably in very bad humour ... although I believe it to be very funny humour. That being .. I am odd and all!!

So ... with all good things .. I hope the husband is in one piece on his arrival home today ... !!

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Chaos is my Life said...

I am so happy that you're still writing!!!... My first time back in a year....need to catch up!!! :-)