Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blessed Be Me - I say to Thee!!

So away I went to the lispful surgeon the other day.

I brought the sister with me ... because the last two times I had seen this fellow I wondered to myself if I just didn't follow along clearly enough ... and I was just a dog gone bone filled idiot ... and didn't get the info right.

Well ... it appears that the sister and I are both dog gone bone filled idiots ... because we left the surgeons office yesterday both rather semi confused.... but not really.

I have a list of circumstances that will change as the surgery unfolds ... all of which I know nothing of what will happen until I wake up .... go me!!

I have to say ... I am overjoyed to the ultimate - that this horrific business happening to my foot .. is just that ... only the skin ... not the bones, blood or lymph .... except that the lispful surgeon doesnt know to what extent the skin is involved ... so it's tricky ... but what isnt tricky is all the other stuff. That makes life so much easier. .... if not much more politer.

Yup ... feeling blessed to the max ... if shit had to happen ... then this is the type of shit that I am good with ....

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