Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a good evening.. oming

So another day has come and gone, and the telephone sits silent.

I would really love to know how it's possible for time to slip past so quietly, and yet so slowly.

I have very much decided that I really dislike the days leading up to Remembrance Day. This isn't just a thought from last week .... this has been something rolling along for a great many years. Although, this year has prooved to be entirely different. The days have whipped past, while slowly sneaking away. I am bored out of my tree milling about ...doing little tasks of life .. in very small doses, as I can't really manage to do a lot at one time.

I do stack two or three, and four or five details of the day into one grand event ... and then must pause, well stop completely and sit with the foot up, as it actually is agonizing otherwise. For the most part I am doing much better ... way much  better ... at least I do not have the agonizing leg pain that has plagued me for numerous months ... now if I stand on my leg ... I can just feel it start to get sorer and sorer and sorer ... but once I get off of it .... it settles down again ... but of course that leaves you with not being able to do much.  I will say I very much envy being able to walk out my front door, and just go running or walking or which I once upon a time desired.  Now I still have the desire .. although I do not have the cooperation....

I'm kinda bored about this whole biopsy business. I will openly say that I do not think that people are in a big hurry to arrive at a diagnosis very quickly .. it was the middle of August when the quirky dermatologist told me I needed a biopsy NOW, like two months ago yesterday sort of NOW .. and here we are ... the middle of November, and I am still plunking along waiting to hear again about a foot that has never wished to cooperate on any road it has traveled. Mind you .. I do have good runners ... and they match my cloured vests ... so you now ... at least we have good colour and comfort going on for me!

It's Eagle Season ... and I am going to go and find some eagle shots ... I managed to completely somehow miss salmon spawning season .. and that just happened up the road, and I managed to miss it. I went driving up their yeserday and was withered by the realization that I had missed it. Well .. I kind of wondered where I had been ... because I really am a professional at going NOWHERE !!

I believe for the most part that the bears have hightailed it back into the woods to find their winteryly slumbering spots. I haven't pulled out all my summer flowers yet, and just pulled out my dahlia bulbs yesterday and stored them away for safe keeping. I haven't cleaned up a bunch of my pots, and the hostas are slowly melting into the earth .. but that's ok ... they are kinda slimy now anyways. I have to admit ... Fushias are a pretty hardy little flowering plant ... they are still blooming ..

I even got the handsome son to earn his keep and pick up a bunch of branches that The Sir ad raked into a pile after our massive windstorm yesterday. Crazy towns ... it was nice to see the leaves blow off our front yard tree down the street ... it was ever so convenient!

Well, as with everything ... I am bored. Bored of everything. Currently all I am listening to is "FIRE!! ... "Fire!" ... The boyson is busily playing some game with pirates ... on the xbox one .... lucky guy ... being that interested in playing a game for that many gazillion of hours !!

Will be back .... when I have eagle pictures to splash amongst the flat confines of this space.

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