Monday, March 12, 2012

Speed on little donkey.

Yep. Speed on.

I guess if I were to write down what I did in the day ... it would be disgraceful or scarey. Not sure which.

As of today I haven't had a chance to go back outside and gather up miles on my Nike watch for FOUR DAYS. That means all my efforts to keep my legs limber ... begin to fall back after the fourth day ... now I am going to have to start over again. GDI. I like my little festival of running. Except on Thursday I didn't run ... I walked. After I had worked, done the laundry, organized the girl, a pitstop at Costco, driven the boy, cleaned the bathroom ... and then scrambled around the streets to gather the five miles that I should have ran but didn't. I only have two children, somedays I might as well have five ... for the amount of buzzing that I do.

It has been a little surreal here the past couple of days. My Pippy has left us! She up and left .. on a plane ... to CUBA. She's never been on a plane ... well, barely been out of the country.... and away she has gone .... seeing the sights that I would wish to see with my own eyes ... except she got to go .. with her school, and her choir. I am so proud of this little lady PIP ... that girl is an incredible adventurer!!!! She didn't bat an eye ... and off she went ... so the house has been a little extra silent since Saturday. She will be back on Sunday ... and then .. I can stop spinning my head in complete disbelief that this girl has caught the travelling bug ... which is OK ... since she will be traveling again in October ... but I think when she goes ... I just might hop a plane and go with her!

The boy has another show this Friday night ...should be interesting. He was heading up to the main practice place tonight to give the lead singer a piece of his mind. The Jimmyson is quite upset with the mannerisms of the lead singer ... and yes ... this is how good bands break up ... as Jimmyson asked me the other day ... " Momda ... what's that saying about one bad apple spoils the whole bunch ... ?" ... hopefully they can come to a mutual agreement ... of some form ...

In other things ... well ... short of being semi traumatized as to the girls departure, and my decreased ability to get out and run around the streets ... life is essentially boring for me .. which is not a complaint .. but a comment.

We are fur-sitters this next week ... a dog ... in our home ... what a foreign concept. I like being a fur-sitter .. I saw my little favourite fur-sitter yesterday ... what a sweet little character ... it almost makes me not looking forward to getting our very own furry beast .... sounds strange ... but I have enjoyed not having to look after the furry creature on a 24/7 adventure ... but do enjoy the random visitors that come our way.

I think I am tired ... I sat through a dementia workshop today ... I feel as though I am on par .... now back to my words with friends ... I am going to be kicked off the tables if I don't answer back soon!

Tonight was my camera night ... except that it is spring break around these parts .. and the school is locked up tight ... so I have to wait another two weeks before I can learn anything again ... although .. I was mighty impressed at my skillage last week ... I managed to find my way at the camera store ... and had all my settings corrects among correctness when I asked the question about my superdooper lens .... yae me .. somedays I really do know something!

well ... back to boring town I go ...


LarryLilly said...

My sons a year ago gave me a camera. A great camera that was once owned by the youngest (35) who after 1 year gave it to his older brother (37) who then gave it to me. Its a canon 5D and it came with a nice 17-55 mm 2.8f lens. Takes great closeups and yet isnt a macro. I have since gotten a tele lens, 55-250 f4, and I have taken a bunch of pics with it mainly camp pics of wildlife and dogs. I am learning to shoot in the aperature mode, and I am still learning basics, but the nice thing about digital is that I know the guy that develops prints. His name is Dig Ital. yeah, he works for FREE. How cool is that. So I am taking lots of pics, download them, check out the settings and learn what works and what doesnt. I think in maybe a year or so I should get half of them to be taken with the lens cap off! Keep shooting!

Deanna said...

I'm going to be taking a little short course on GOING MANUAL in the coming weeks .... that should be interesting and equally scarey! ... I am a fan of aperature mode myself ... as in ... at least the camera is willing to figure out the other half of the equation even when I have no clue. Since I am completely mathematically challenges ... it takes me 549 different attempts at getting through to my brain about the seconds and shutter speeds, and aperture values ... I have a pretty little image now planted in my brain, which of course is working ... now it's just the continued work at working at it, to get it ingrained!