Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Drizzle

I watched the skim of clouds roll into the sky last evening ... not that I live on rolling plains are anything "out there" ... but sine we do live in the flat lands, with mountains surrounding us ... well .. it was easy to them coming.

Now it is drizzling. Ickful drizzling!

That's alright ... I did make it out in the glorious blue skies for the majority of the time that the blue sky was here. ALTHOUGH... I didn't actually do anything on Friday ... as I wandered about with a massive headache ... where eating ALL of Canada's Tylenol stock would not have been enough ... so I moved little, and did little .. and contemplated when I would be able to pull out the hideious varigated weed festival that is happening in my shade garden. I can't stand those little buggers ... they travel for miles and miles, with no great agenda, other than running amuck between all the gardeny things.

In things less drizzly ... the chicklets have been returned to school. Whew. What a vacation. Uhm .. no. Jimmy worked and played music, Fussy vacationed in Cuba and sang music. The Sir ... he watched hockey and worked and cooked. He likes that. I don't. I walked, ran, walked, ran, cleaned bathrooms and did laundry, and occasionally shopped for all the staple stuff that people make it through the day with... except toilet paper. I didn't buy toilet paper. We almost ran out. I don't think that this is a good home to run out of toilet paper .... nothing pointedly outthere that I am saying .. except that it seems there is always a human in the bathroom at this place. That is all.

In other things even less interesting ... but equally exciting ... the sir said to me the other night that he wonders howcome everybody assumes that he doesn't want to go away anywhere ...  he wanted to go away in January, and yes he did.

so I quizzed him:

What place did you find for us to go?
Did you sit down with the wife and say .. "lets do this!"
Did you ask the wife for some input, work schedules, childrens schedules, childrens work schedules ...?
Did he let go of the "bank account", and just think about doing it because?


Well, currently we are going nowhere .. at the moment.

I heard of an interesing place to go, and a fun way to get there.

I suggested it to the Sir, and said "let's do this!" ....

"why ... there's nothing there ... and we could drive there in 8 hours anyways".

Well .. that was attempt ONE in the wife department.

I only have about an infinity number of tries left with this guy ... so we will be going somewhere soon .. I assure you ... !

In other things interesting .. which lead to the previous conversation I said to the Sir that my friend was going to visit Florida, and all it's excitement and I said that I wanted to go with her ... !

In the meantime ... if we could collect the Jimmy long enough to not work, and be free from obligation from his band and it's shows ... and collect the Sir to have him attend our family gathering ... we are going to go somewhere ... something flight worthy and/or cruiseship worthy ... that's my plan.

The Monday Drizzle has just turned into the Monday Sizzle!

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