Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 5.

It was nice out earlier ... well, just a bit nice out .. not a lot nice out.... almost an unstable nice out ... so unstable that I didn't feel inclined to get out while it poured down on me .. even if MAYBE it was going to pour on me. The cold that is happening this week is the type of cold that chills your bones, and makes them swell with coldness... that you can't get rid of easily.

That is a perfect excuse for a Tuesday morning of non movement that will happen. ACTUALLY... if it is nice out later .. there is the chance that I will get out and about. Currently it is kinda snowing ... but only fake snowing ... there is a blacker cloud making it's way over top of me ... which looks like it is going to drench my already drenced lawn. I don't mind ... as long as I am not out walking in it~!

In other things ... not sure what happened to my hair ... it grew VERYFAST this past while ... and now I am working at getting a haircut ... I will go back to the nice and cheap hair cutter place ... and figure out when the last time I had a haircut ... it's usually a much longer length of time ... or maybe my memory seems to be better ... ha!

In other things ....

I am working at cleaning THINGS out ... not that I have a ton of things to get rid of ... but rather am working on projects that have been sitting for a while. The pile of jeans that need to be repaired are down to THREE, rather than the FOUR that have been sitting... well, locked away .. out of sight out of mind .. while of course I have been temporarily out of my mind doing other things ... of course none of the jeans are mine, so that gives me little satisfaction in the repairing factor ..... other than it helps clean out my excess thread and junk!

YEP.. it's snowing! ... how strange ... I think. However; I do relate.

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LarryLilly said...

My wife and I couple three years both had gastric bypass surgery and lost a ton of weight. She gave me her old jeans that I wear (she bought mens jeans as she had no butt) so after many years of her wearing them and now me for some 3, they have those tears on the thighs and a bit of airconditioning in the nether regions, yeah, cross through ventalation for the man bits. Now, since losing all the weight I love to buy clothes again, I can buy off the rack and I now look for slim fit pants as i have even less butt than the SWHBO, but I dont like buying new jeans. Unless they are worn almost thread bare I dont like them, but i also wont pay for 3 times to get pre-washed ones. Is there a woman i can talk to? LOL

I remember as a kid getting those knee patches sewn in when the blew out, but generally i grew past them faster than the knee holes appeared. I also remember rolling up the hems, who does that any more!