Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An exact day later:

The coolest of coolest of coolest of things:

My girl is still in CUBA ... I think about her continuously .. KNOWING that she is doing all the craziest of great things that I know that girl will do! She was sent with the strictest of instructions of being a photo journalist ... so if she isn't singing, eating or sleeping .. she better just be gathering me photographs!!!! And while she was away on her cool adventure this is what happened ... and perhaps small in the day to day life of people that stuff happens to all the time ... BUT...

12:19 am March 14 ... I got to hear the boy and his bands song on the radio!

It was a surreal experience.

We were out driving around ... waiting for it ... it was just cool. Maybe I am stumped for words ... with little effort being put forth to throw that image into a written experience ... I don't know ... just a cool event in my life as parent....

This kid ... who found himself in a band ... where they have managed to make some music, and record it ... and for a small window of time .. an opportunity to have it played.
March 13 2012 - Indie Night In Canada

1 - Everything After "Seasons"
2 - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes "To The Moon”
3 - Leah "Fade"
4 - Lovely Sinners "Take A Ride"

5 – The Faceplants “Bulletproof” (featuring Dizzy Dustin)

6 – Pilot Speed “Light You Up”
7 – Centrefold “California”
8 – Burn Hollywood Burn “Church Belle”
9 – Nickelback “Little Friend”
10 - If We Are Machines "Slipping Out”
11 – Dominique Fricot “Haunted By Love”
12 - The Stone Pines "The Big Goodbye”
13 – Clouds of Analog "When I Was Young”
14 - The Grizz "Watching The Girls"

I even learned what Indie Rock was ... which is what the hour of time devoted to new music was ... , as in Independent Music ... before people were signed. Ah. I get it now.

I laugh .. because I listen to the CD pretty much all the time ... but somehow handing it over to someone to have played live was an experience in itself ... it was nice to watch the boy do nothing but have a genuine smile on his face ...

That my peeps .. is priceless~!

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LarryLilly said...

My yonger son is the playboy of the family and has many ventures he calls work. one is that he promotes indie music here in the southwest part of the states. This week is the large SXSW festival in Austin Texas, where he nowives. However he produces venues in lots of cities where they put on the equivalent of battle of the bands, with winners getting a one night show in a small venue in Las Vegas. Tuesday nights in Vegas are slow, conventions are in for the weekend, leave on monday, and the next round dont start coming in until Wednesday, so tuesday night is easy to get space for gigs like this. Its small crowds, since it is indy music, but when he talks about finding a group, he gets all giddy. He makes money by selling tickets to the shows, since the bands front the exposure money for the contest, and those venues are cheap as well. i mean, in OKC you can get a room for 1000 a night, so it doesnt take that much for the band to front 200, fans to pay a cover of 5 bucks and for everyone to get something out of it. Yeah, its so much easier for a group to make its own music and use social media to get it out there. Now these groups are into music, not money, for today, thsoe two are hard to tie together. But the creative genius out there allows these groups for their 15 minutes of fame.

Tell the boy band to ride that sucka for the long haul and enjoy the show.