Thursday, December 29, 2011

I should have something to say ...

Minus the pictures.

I have let these past 4 days trickle by.

I haven't made an effort to do anything ultra special or that required energy. Other than walking in the pouring rain the other night with the crazy sister. But that's cause the two of us are crazy ... and when last night ... it was pouring out ... I quickly slammed back a glass of wine  (BECAUSE I COULD!!!!) just so I could say I was highly intoxicated, and therefore couldn't go walking in case the crazy sister asked .. but she didn't ... because she was probably doing less crazy things, similar to me .. like playing words with friends, or cruising through facebook, or even better playing a slot machine game on her iphone.

The Fusspot is wondering if we will ever leave the home again ... and yet we did ... temporarily the other day ... to purchase a new running jacket ... but that didn't happen ... because they didn't have my extra healthy size ... OK .. in FAIRNESS ... I will COMPLAIN that Nike doesn't believe that sporty clothing should be made for the peoples that are slightly more than a sporty looking size. I'm not small, BUT I am not HUGE-GANTIC ... so I do not know where I fit in the clothing department ... apparently not in Nike's apparel at least.

In things that are just things ...

I'm off to buy a lottery ticket now. Wish me luck ... cause my luck could just be your good fortune also!

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