Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy crumb towns.

That is what my little life is flailing about doing ... creating crumbs at every checkpoint. I'm not into video games either.

Race, race ... checkpoint
Race, race .. and race .. checkpoint.

BUT ALAS ... let me share some wisdom.

AS MUCH AS I don't quite like it at this "momento" ... I am still thankful to be putting around doing all the putting around .. and it isn't because it's that time of year to find christmas cheer .. it's everything else that monopolizes the time obligations the whole rest of the year ...

I think that shopping is easier this year. A LOT easier. The boy wants cash. The girl wants things. The husband doesn't like anything. I wish for time. All's well!


In other things more normal among the homesteadians:

The Jimmy refused to let me go get a christmas tree last evening with him and "the sir" ... I was told my place was the laundryroom. ... because children wearing towels to school in minus five weather was not permitted. Me, the laundryslacker. What a bitch.

OMAGAWD. The telephone situation is at its ultimate in GADGETRY FINEST these days. I have started playing words with friends. HOLLY HOLY crumbcakes houston .. there's a big problem out there. I thought I loved angrybirds and all it's absolute pigpower finery ... and then I started WWF. I'm not sure why I love it so much .. but I do .. this morning I woke up to someone getting 48 points on me ... I should just resign now!!!! But I won't ... I will make them play to the end ... because now I have come to understand ... you also need to get rid of the tiles too ... so I have a chance ... or probably not ... but it's the experience of playing. Wow .. I can see how there are scrabble championships and such things ... or isn't there .. ?

I am thinking LOTS about a certain friend these days ... never get to see her, but I know she's out there .. and she's doing WELL! Such a different place this year, than last ... I am glad that we FIND people in life that we can share a lifetime friendship with ... even though because of time and schedules we do not see one another on a regular basis.

OH .. and for the shock of shocks .. I have NOT done christmas cards this year. I didn't have it in my plan of attack back in November, I thought about it back in October, and told myself to make a decision .. DO I or DONT I ... I decided not to .. it was just easier that way. It apparently was a good choice .. since the mailman doesn't really deliver to my house anyways .. and if he does, it is sometimes other peoples mail anyways.

In other things ... The Fuss and I made a FAT socials teacher a CAKE project last week. She promptly told Fussy that the FUSS didn't do it correctly, because the cake icing did not change colour as the elevation of the MOUNTAIN rose, and if the FUSS wished to re-do it, she could, and then she would get a better mark. The Fuss demonstrated her FUSSY knowledge and showed the FAT socials teacher the pieces of paper that marked the elevations of the mountain did in fact change colour as they went up. Ya people ... I said FAT ... cause I can.

Well ... on to that second cup of coffee and try to figure out how my printer will make my hair more grey today ...

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Chaos is my Life said...

*big smile*....and *tears*...of warmth and happiness!