Monday, April 04, 2011

5 weeks.

worth of posts.


Now we have moved into April.

It's a new month, so I will try again.

I have not been this deficient since before blogging.


Even picture taking has come to a dramatic standstill.

BUT ... the bears are awake, and the days are longer ...

So .. some sightseeing is available to me.

The neighbours chopped the cherry tree.

It looks strange to look out and see more grey cloud than normal.

I miss the crows, blue jays and squirrels.

Interesting that they didn't have the ONE dead tree in the backyard removed.

BUT who am I ... ? with the 20 overgrown and scarey BUT alive trees in my backyard ... ?

In other things....

Have contacted all these strangers to do a walk for cancer campaign ... am still waiting for people to call me back .. now that we are 4 days into the campaign.

Will have to do that again this afternoon ... call and leave messages.


Cause I have lots of time.

ON that note ...

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