Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to things more important:

I went to a photography course.

Very interesting.

I didn't move for three hours.

I took two pictures.

I was completely amazed at how much I learned.

Very happy with my groupon purchase.

Hopefully now I can take that learning, and put it into picture taking.

BUT only maybe.

For the time-being, I have taken about 300 pictures of mini muffins that the Pipster baked up the other night. She is just so convenient at times.

However ... I still do not think that I am happy with the photograph. I guess it's like shopping for toothpaste ... every box has a unique and incredible addage to it ... similar to the pictures that I took. Hmmm.

I will delete before I download.

The sun is out. I will make great attempts to throw myself into the middle of it, for many hours, endless hours actually. I will have to be careful to not obsessively walk around the block looking for shiney things .....

On that note ... the diamond thing may well be solved .. I took the ring to two jewelers ... the first guy that made my wedding band, and the second guy that was intrigingly persuasive, almost con artist like. That's pretty bad to say .. but guess what .. I'm thinking that I might just take my ring back for his business, cause the other guy didn't offer me as much information .. AND this guy was left handed. Yes, a judgement call based on the handedness of a human. It boils down to instinct. If anyone gets that out there in the big wide world.

I need to renovate my front yard. I wish I had the momentum to do it. I need a plan. I have the frenzied energy, but I am uncertain about the plan of where to put things. It's a shame cause things look kind of quaint .. and I am going to uproot it all. ... but it is the perfect time to be digging up my front yard, as now that we have cleaned out the 15 tons of moss and malingerers of moss ... I can make some garden paths ... if I wait much longer the heat will arrive (OK being completely optimistic) .... which will make it hard for the plants to have any luck at survival ... unsure as of this moment .

Still staring at the cavernous hole in my ring and can't help but wonder where in the world is that diamond ... cause I am sure it is around .. as I heard something fall, but that could just be me hearing rocks whip across the kitchen floor, or the constant clattering in my head. Unsure of which it really is.

Oh .. .and back to interesting again ... my post about spring will have to edited again ... I have taken my camera settings off of raw .. which I don't think I really intended it for to be on .. BECAUSE while I can see them ... they just can't be uploaded for your viewing.. not that they were great pictures .. I am still waiting for those myself.

OH and even more exciting things ... I ran into some neighbours who told me that they spotted a bear in the field the evening before ... now that is really back to something important!

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