Monday, March 28, 2011

and really there's

another week ...?

I voted for this ...

"Spring break"

I guess it works if you are really wanting to go somewhere.

Which we aren't.

No way.

Really and seriously.

It's fine actually ...

It gives the school bugs a nice break.
As in school sicknesses a chance to simmer down.
And DIE!

Then we bring our freshly traveled (except mine) children back into the mix...
AND whala .. a whole fresh batch of bugs to kill off until summer time. I am talking the school system. I mean really ... how clean are the handles on doorknobs, and bathroom stalls ... ?

In other things groovy and happening... hmmm. yes. right.

Just the way I like it.

Mind you ... we (like I did anything) cut down a little semi-annoying tree in the back yard. Well ... the sir cut it .. and I help him move the branches ... it actually was just the kind of tree that makes a mess, except that it's buds produced pussy willows, and it had round silver leaves which shimmered in the light. I think now our neighbours lawn will flood even more .. cause this tree was awfully awfully heavy ... so that water was going somewhere. And then I carried the chunks to the woodpile.

I noticed that some wild beast has been scratching the crap out of our deadening logs out back. I helped them out on Saturday and destroyed three parcels of long dead tree, and spread it across the walking area, cause I have bark mulch there anyways ... now I have a topping of sawdust. Kind of cool to see the once living tree shredded to a mound of dust ... I think our friendly ant colony has helped in this regard. I say friendly ... as in I like the things ... at least they are eating chopped wood this time, instead of my house.

This week the boy and his band are going to record four of their songs on an "EP". Not sure what that is. ... other than an extended play album. Not sure what that is. I do know that it is going to cost me money. Life is not free, and most definitely not cheap.

That's it for me ... I am planning my front yard relandscaping festival. Except it wont be a festival ... with beads and bands and mardigras paper flying everywhere. It is just me and a shovel and gardening gloves, and soil and my ipod. I think.

That is all. Really.

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