Wednesday, April 06, 2011

holy grahamcrackers

there's something brewing.

And it's not coffee.

Here's your two by four back, I'm done being smacked in the side of the head with it.

I want to know how a two week 'SPRINGBREAK' turns into a complete nightmare in a few short hours while back to school?

Not sure as to how all the craziness happened ... but I think the Jimmy might have just put someone out on stress leave. It's a maybe on that, but holy grahamwafers cheesewillickers there has been some earth shattering ear drum blowing things going on behind the educational walls.

Really ... but it was just spring break ... and "the jimmy" was milling around, doing "Jimmy" like things ... like sprinting up and down our massive hallway that one could have in a 1365 square foot house, looking like a gazel, so much so, that we just started calling him "gazelion". ... and now he is sitting in the VP's office working on schoolwork ... or maybe he is .. I'm just not sure. I dropped him off this morning, and asked myson myson who the fellow on the phone was, standing outside of the school .. and that was the very man that was waiting for him.

Who knows what today will bring ... maybe a straight jacket, duct tape, police cars ... who knows.

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Chaos is my Life said...

Ohhh....that not be good.