Thursday, January 26, 2017

OH, it's slightly nothing ...

My eyeball is kind of swilling about being red ... but I think, it's slightly nothing.

I might have a secondary autoimmune disorder ... but I think it's slightly nothing.

I had some bloodwork drawn the other day, it was sorta our of whack .... but I have a feeling it's slightly nothing.

I went to the gym for so couple of hours prior to the bloodwork .... which upon reading about the bloodwork it stated to not exercise prior ... so I think it's slightly nothing.

My socket still isn't fitting me right ... but I think that THEY think it's slightly nothing.

I'm not sure if I am doing damage to this leg/hip while out cruising around... perhaps it's slightly nothing.

I got a RAISE in my disability payment ... $80, no wait ... it's a $70 ..which is slightly better than nothing!

I am meeting a group of friends for lunch today ... now that is cooler than doing nothing !!