Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ranting up a storm

So the rains have hit this Wild West Coast ... good thing .. cause I can rant about that as well.

I am not completely sure how I got this blog back up and operational, but for this moment I have managed. It wasn't exactly very easy either ... there isn't a step by step process what to do, or exactly how to go about retrieving your blog off the internets or the App Store, since it no longer exists in the App Store ... and yet there is another hidden entitity of some form that makes you believe you are using your blog. .... ANYWAYS ....

Before the storm .. I had a friend of mine ask me if I wanted to travel with her down to the great Americas for a day ... and a night ... and another part of a day ... I said sure !! I am the perfect co-pilot ... give me coffee, and a breakfast sandwich, and scenery and this "binch" is good to go. (That's the handsomesons GF's word for Bitch") ... but now I have stolen it ... we will not be telling her.

Back to my adventures ... somehow "Starbucks" messed up my highly confusing order of "dark roast with some cream" ... I do not know what the hell I was slurping on .. but yes folks, this binch eventually gave up drinking it .. I never did figure out what it was ... I think it was freaking steamed milk or something ... but it was vile. If it had been steamed milk with some sort of coffee bean or sorts plunked into it, I would have continued to slurp away, but there was NO SLURPIDGE to be had. I just couldn't. What a coffee binch I have turned into ... ha!

So I never got to go Pike Place Market, we drove past. I wished I could have gone, but probably good I didn't... my BINCH of a leg would not have taken me that far. Double sigh.

We did cruise along where the "crab pot" restaurants were .... but there were so many restaurants .. and I only liked the one with the pretty neon sign !!

We went to a couple different restaurants... a breakfast diner, a place called "chinooks" where it was the tasty fish tacos that I dined on, and then I instructed by friend on how to eat the bread ... 'only eat the top part with the melted butter!!' .... most de-lish ... then the next day we went to the Olive Garden ... what a dining experience that was ... however now .. I am going to prepare eggplant parmasean ... that was elegant beyond experience!

I was most fortunate to meet my friends 87 year old aunt, where two short weeks before was on deaths door ... sepsis ... from a bladder infection ... so ya .. that's right folks ... those stubborn parents and grandparents you have rolling around ... life isn't about winning when you almost die all aone .... she has moved into rehab, and more than likely a lovely carehome where she can still have all her freedoms, and yet have meals delivered, and people surrounding her ... and valet parking when her friends and family visit ... that's the way to age well ... it was most lovely to meet this lady ... as she happily sipped on her starbucks latte and munched on her coffee cake ... this lady is absolutely not ready to leave this earth yet ...

In other adventures of uselessness ... I had and ultrasound done on my leg yesterday ... which ... was a waste of time .. because the Dr. Had ordered it back in August ... well a shit ton has changed since August ... and the reason for doing the ultrasound NOW is different ... at any rate ... no answers, other than there is fluid at the end of the residual limb and who knows what else ..  so now hopefully we can move on with getting this leg to fit right. GAWD!!

I went to the gym yesterday ... cruised along on the treadmill, and then rode the bike ... I didn't do it with any HUGE gusto .. but non the less did it ... tomorrow I will return. I will lift weights, and trudge on the treadmill, and do the stair stepper more than likely ... I have to somehow work off my January fudge festival!!!

Not much ranting ... but did manage to do a small sum of things today .... laundry, knitting, watching "Schitt's Creek" .. (It's a MUST WATCH all you Netflix folks!), drove over to the recycle place ... well first had to load all the recycle stuff .. which was an effort in it's own right ... carrying boxes of glass down a ramp ... BIG times for this one legged BINCH ... rant out !!

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