Friday, June 01, 2012

Well here we are:

It's the end of the boys Grade 11 year ... and here we are .... embarking on something as exciting as graduation .. for a child that I could only HOPE will see through to his graduation .. which is NEXT year.

WE have rented a tuxedo.
Splurged on a SALON hair cut.
Purchased corsages & assorted flowers.
Bought a card & a small gift.
Bought dinner tickets & after dinner limo service rides.

And now the day is upon us ....

His LOVELY girlfriend is graduating!

I can only hope for the same .. this time next year ... for my very own superson!

MY GIRL ... this time 3 years from now ... will be sporting everything as lovely as she already is ... this time 3 years from now ... I will be broke ... !! BECAUSE my lovely princess doll ... will be graduating .. and she will get NOTHING but everything for her very beautiful heart that she desires!

In the meantime ... I am sporting a camera around my neck and taking photos of the crazy boy .. in a tuxedo ... with his LIGHTSABER .. which the GRADUATING GIRL bought him ... I'm not sure why this just sounds so all assumingly sensible to me ... but it does!

Wish me luck out there .. in cameraland .. cause I am going to need it .. because I am in the great indoors taking photos due to the unco-operation with the weather .. of course the weather was adequate yesterday .. and will be brilliantly beautiful tomorrow .. but for today ... ya ... it's a no gooder!

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