Monday, May 07, 2012

Wicked and old

It's wicked, to be old.
To be old, it's wicked.
Story is true.
However it unfolds.


In things that are possible because it's a Monday:

Straightened the girls hair with the new flattening ironing. Wow ... her hair is hugely longy, and hugely flat ... and dreamy like.

I straightened my hair, then it became crooked. As in one side much bigger than the other side. Alas ... I didn't straighten my hair, but curl it ... so one side ended up being hugely curlier than the otherside ... which didn't do much at all, except straighten. In the end I just tucked the hugely curly side behind my ear, and well the straight side .. it stayed straight. Today ... now the hair has NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER, it's straight, and oddly complicated looking. I have tossed it together with a barrett, but it needs some life rejuvenating moisture thrown back into it, to give it that fresh and frazzled look that it requires, and somehow I am content with. This will all have to be fixed tomorrow ... as today is not the day to start the hair rejuvenation process ...

Onto other things even more complicated:

There is a fresh bag of frozen blueberries in my freezer. I put them in their, except now I am afraid to take them out. They are neatly positioned in a precise location, where one wrong move, and the whole shelf will be sitting at my feet, freshly departed from the freezer shelf without my approval. BUT ... I do wish for my yogurt and blueberries ... so something is going to have to cave ...

I found some polysporin that I have had kicking around for pink eye. I don't know if I have pink eye, but I certainly do have something ... so I will conveniently use up the entire bottle ridding myself of red eyes ... if not I will head back to the doctor ... the current antibiotic regime that i have visited the doctor with twice in the last two weeks doesn't seem to have an effect on the eyebulb situation apparently....

It's Monday ... and guess what that means ... I am guessing about whether I am going to my camera club tonight .. I think it's tonight ... because I didn't go last week .. SO SO SO SO disappointed .. just remembered that I put it in "my notes" ... camera club isn't until NEXT WEEK. ooohhh. I think tonight I am going to go on a walking tour and take some photographs .. I am going to head over to the little part of downtown Port.Coquitlam and see what great things I can come up with. Rats.

Moving on ... you know .. I might just be getting afraid of th little Santa Claus that sits behind our chair in the living room. ... in all other seasons, other than the festive christmas event .. he really does look like a little troll ... I will post a picture .. ONE day ... and you will see for yourself.

Meanwhile back at the ranch:

The PIP is now 15. She's a doll. A real life doll. A real life PIP doll. With super beautiful hair. What a lucky PIP doll she is!

The Jimmyson... his band spent 7 hours in a studio last night, after he worked for 8 hours yesterday, after sleeping for 4.5 hours, after being out at a gathering for 3 hours, after having band practice for 3 hours, after working for 8 hours. He has mud on his runners ... he will have to find the time to clean them ... between his crazy shedule of events.

Now ... it's time to deal with the hair .. again .. and fill my eyes with more polysporin drops ... I will go to the group with a good joke .. that way I can cry myself into crazy laughter ...

The dog will be arriving sometime in the third week of July.GAWD.

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