Tuesday, May 08, 2012

24 hours later

And the hair is still flat.

I took it out of the barrett that was holding onto the flatness, and now it is just hanging, and flat.

I'm not used to this amount of flatness, I am used to FATNESS! ha ha ha .. .quite an amusing comment for moir. Yes, ... I guess I am just used to being puffy all over .. except that I am not puffy all over ... except my hair. I'm about to get scruffy all over ... as soon as I clean out a box.

It's not my box ... it's the Jimmy's box .. except he will never clean out the box, as it's as good as gone from his sights .. since it left the bedroom of his in January .. or was it February .. at any rate .. it's a box, with his stuff .. that I think he wanted, but maybe didn't ... and it's been quietly sitting .. and taking up space, which I now want to reclaim the space ... for my own special stuff ... so now it must go!

I am HALF inclined to not look in the box .. and just GIVE it away. I will brace myself ...


I had an interesting day yesterday .. almost a proposition. Not of one that some people would expect ... it's all about doing something absolutely surreal and out of the box for me, it's almost comical. BUT ... I am still of the mind that 2012 has something totally new and adventuresome instore for me .. so my mind is open to opportunities that might float past .. !! Keep you posted .. like that promised picture of the troll ... behind the chair... in the livingroom.


In other things ... very exciting ... got to straighten the girls GORGI-LOCKS again today ... this PIPchick of mine has got luxurious hair. OH .. and in things even more exciting than her hair ... she started making a movie trailer with her ipad ... ohmagawd .. too funny. With the additional HELPS of the movie features ... this PIPchick is on her way to STEVEN.SPIELBERG proportions!


Well .. onto that box ... and other assorted items that will consume my day!ENJOY!

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