Monday, April 02, 2012

struck gold!

After 25 years plugging away at a little job, with the majority of that time spent working on the weekends I get to have a little gift. I had a choice of binoculars, a bracelet, two types of clocks and a gold necklace .... well ... I struck gold ... the Pippy Doll doesn't have a gold necklace ... so I will give it to her ... 25 years of plugging away will bring my Pip a little bit of gold digger happiness.

In other small parts of happiness:

Who couldn't like Vanilla yogurt?

Be ALL end ALL.

That's how much I love it.

And ... since I have consumed my little container .. I am moving on to Cuban Coffee. Thanks ... to the Pip. Although I guess we can get Cuban coffee here ... it seems more genuine since it came home in the Pip's suitcase.

In other things time consuming ... the boy is playing tonight, and again on Friday. Not sure where he is tonight .. except that he has to be their at 5, and they do not go on til midnight. Downtown. I'm the driver. Gawd ... this is business for a bunch of clowns.

That is all ... sip sip sippin away ...

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