Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THE magic of call display!

I looked around the internet world yesterday afternoon, and hunted for a driving school. I decided to call one person. Answering machine - so I hung up. I wanted a human .. my computer time was done!

My wish ... came true .. the fellow called me back .. and sold me on his service (him).

Today, the Jimston starts his driving lessons.

Could we teach him!


Would we teach him!


Do we have a car to teach him!


Well .. we have a car ... a singular vehicle that is a five speed in a world where hills are in abundance. WE have a work truck, which if it isn't being driven for work .. doesn't get driven. We have a jeep, if it isn't being driven to mountain sides with challenging driving skills, it otherwise can not be driven. dun dun dunnnnnn.

And now for the greatest challenge of all ... get that boy his driving lessons!

He has now decided that buying a car is high on his priority list .. .... sonny boy has seen the sun, the light, the stars and the moon all in one sitting. Large praises for small miracles.

OH . and because the pipster is in in the know of these driving lessons that are occuring .. I told the young lady that will soon be 15 ... she too will have driving lessons ... in a YEAR .. oh good gawd ...  ONE LESS THING TO TAKE CARE OF on MY END!

Yes ... all this because the magic of call display.

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LarryLilly said...

I remember when my sons did that, no problem, they had already logged several years on motorcycles so cars were nothing. But my daughter, Ou vez. I remember the first time I went out with her, she drove across a seemingly single pasrking lot, but it wasnt seemingly seemless. There was a one foot drop at the edge of one portion with the second. I guess by the time she saw the yellow line marking the dividing line she didnt ask herself Hum, I wonder why that line is there. BAM downs go the front wheels, SCRAPE goes the middle of the mkid section of the cars bottom BAM goes the rear wheels. I was just screaming STOP as I realized that she didnt see the reason for the line. She just stopped there, looked around and said, what was the matter.

You could only laugh at that point. The car ran OK, so no harm done.